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They are very much needed calm and reliable people close relatives, loved ones, friends that could support them in their hour of need and not let drown in the depths of despair. It is essential that, when they are in such a state, someone constantly remind them that in life there is a bright side, that is sure to come after night, dawn, that luck will come back to them. But criticism and sharp handling these people are not able to perceive the restraint, making the right conclusions. Criticism painful stings them.

Advice for those born on February 15 Born February 15 very dependent on luck, not only their own, but also their families and friends. Generally they love the world and a very positive attitude towards humanity. Always ready to help the weak, give all the money in the debt, not thinking about myself. Money they do not keep accounts with ease and spend them again easily earn.

Can not stand the ridicule them or their principles. And the principles and ideals of those born on February 15 is always there. In personal relationships they are often wrong because they do not like to limit their freedom. Most of all, it fits so-called free love without commitment. These people are always incredibly curious, which indirectly is the answer to question 15 of February - a sign of the zodiac, is not it loves people and showing such an interest in and knowledge of the world, of course, Aquarius.

Contents: Lucky color February 15 horoscope Scorpio Horoscope For Friday, December 28, Planetary Row Scorpio Personality: October 23 - November 21 Ambitious and competitive, with a quick intelligence, you are usually willing to work hard to accomplish your objectives. February 15 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality; If you avoid the responsibility needed to fulfill your destiny, however, you may not be able to satisfy your strong need to build something of permanent value. Lucky color The subinfluence of the number 10 month indicates that you possess inner strength and great depth and are fiercely loyal.

This Canadian production lasted 22 episodes, and toned down the rated mayhem that characterised the first two movies. Tremors has had its fair share of sequels since the original with Kevin Bacon and a whole load of sandworms burst out of the B-movie ground back in , so this TV series from was somewhat inevitable. But there can never be enough Tremors — surely it must be due a reboot. Another one-season wonder, this time taking the Michelle Pfeiffer-starring movie about a teacher schooling unruly kids in California and bringing it to the small screen.

TV shows vs their big screen remakes. Follow Metro. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via messenger Share this with Share this article via email Share this article via flipboard Copy link. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter. No way, it seemed to me, would our elected protectors have put forth an idea so illogical and contrary to our best interests. But I was wrong. Further details emerging the following week revealed that the proposal did indeed originate with the City Council, whose motive had noth-.

I must therefore submit that the City Council has been derelict in its No. I could also make a strong though theoretical case for impeachment, but will not go that far now that even the NCTD has made the Council appear incompetent in its fact-gathering and judgment. I wish I could say that in softer and more conciliatory terms but hard as I tried, I could not honestly do so. Pulling your punches is usually self-defeating, so I decided not to do that. I believe that someone wants us to think the massive One Paseo development has a lot of community support, where the reality is the opposite.

Why do I think this? From there, I looked at the people who support the project on Facebook or write letters in support, and started to see a pattern. I found a lot of people with potential conflicts: public relations firms, movie theater operators, political consultants, commercial developers, and.

What would a fake grassroots movement look like? We need to remember that this is a marketing story, intended to sell a controversial project to the community. The reality is that One Paseo puts downtown scale into a suburban location. They want nearly 2 million square feet, including hirise office towers, looming residential blocks and massive parking structures, in a fairly small lot. San Diego is a City of Villages, and we want our Village!

One Paseo will provide our city with a host of beneficial economic opportunities. For one, this project will generate thousands of sustainable jobs. These will certainly help our employment numbers to rebound in the short-term — but the jobs will be available for decades to come. Couple that with the increased tax funding that One Paseo will generate for the city, and you see that this project could be a significant economic driver for Carmel Valley.

I have lived in this area for 20 years and I work in commercial real estate. I am pro-development when a project will benefit the entire community and I believe One Paseo does this and more. It will be nice to have an affordable movie theater as well! These are assets that will help to increase property values — a nice bonus for residents. I am certain that with its clever design as a walkable and bicycle-friendly complex, many people will enjoy its many functions in one trip rather than having to drive here and there to meet basic shopping needs, etc.

This project offers a choice opportunity to boost our local economy while meeting community needs in an environmentally sustainable way. For Carmel Valley residents, this ought to be a winning combo. This is deja vu Groundhog Day all over again for Bilbray. The redistricting of reduced his margin so that he lost to Democrat Susan Davis. I like them both. Ordinarily, I hate it when this happens — two capable, electable Democrats gunning for each other. But under the new open primary system, having two strong Democrats on the June ballot all but guarantees a November runoff between Bilbray and one of the Dems.

If either Peters or Saldana drop out, Bilbray would have a very good chance of winning the seat in June with a majority of all votes cast. Because this is that rare congressional seat that could be won by either party, this election has implications for the Dem campaign to recapture the House. Both parties will spend big here. He was the first. He is chair of the San Diego Port District. Scott has the money to go the distance.

Lori Saldana served in the California Assembly, to Lori grew up in Clairemont and still lives there, in the heart of the new district. On the Capitol Weekly legislative scorecard, where is a perfect liberal score, Lori scored Who has the better chance of beating Bilbray in November? He welcomes comments at gclanton mail. She reminded me about a column I wrote a while back alerting the operators and ourselves how unhealthy these devices are to the health of all concerned.

Today's Scorpio Horoscope - Friday, December 28,

We lamented that it appears to have had little effect. What if each one of us decided to devote one hour each month to enhancing the quality of our lives? We are looking at 12, hours of human capital injected into our community. Start with each council member knocking on doors, one-hour-a-month, asking what ideas you have for improving the town. Our City Manager knocking on doors, onehour-a-month asking how we can improve how city hall operates. Our sheriff lieutenant or deputy knocking on doors, one-hour-a-month asking how we can better police our streets and neighborhoods.

What if a local business operator spent one-hour-amonth knocking on doors, asking residents what products or services they would like to buy in Del Mar? This was one of my first community building lessons, realizing that we should be looking out for our neighbors. What was interesting for this youngster was not only how good it was to help someone else, but how good it made me feel about myself.

Del Mar is a very special place. One-hour-a-month could make it even better. Thanks Zeus. When the business community is strong, the community is strong. Businesses are the lifeblood of the City. Not only do you provide the needed goods and services, but you provide sales tax revenue to maintain and improve the operation of this wonderful city. I again, truly believe that in order to sustain a vibrant community, you need to have a thriving business sector, and the City is here to assist the Chamber of Commerce to achieve this goal.

So with that being said, I would like to briefly discuss a few significant projects that will be breaking ground in the very near future that will have tremendous positive impacts to both the City and the business community. To discuss community issues online, visit www. While being careful to say that no specific retailer can be named until a deal has been negotiated, the developer just smiles when people use the broad appeal of this popular brand to justify support. My neighbors and I love the feeling of the community as it stands today. I like this store but the traffic generated would be more than our roads can handle.

The thought of bringing the congestion and traffic that surrounds the other locations into this area is very sad. The idea of facing vastly increased traffic every day on Del Mar Heights Road is not an acceptable trade-off. It affects this neighborhood every minute of every day. Wake up Carmel Valley!

This project will be the end of many of the community qualities that brought you here. Chris Keller. Invite readers to join in worship and fellowship. Contact Shari Today! We need to find ways to help spur economic activity now and into the future. Since joining the San. The newly created Economic Development and Strategies Committee will work on two tracks essentially.

Mark Cafferty, the new president and CEO of. In economic circles, this is known as a SWOT analysis, and it is often a crucial component to any successful business plan.

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Still, it is just the first step. I plan to reach out to all our business clusters and. Whenever you talk to business owners, they will tell you about the nightmarish tangle of regulations and red tape that makes it hard to start or expand their business here. We need to find out exactly what those hurdles are and clear them out of the way. There is a lot to be done, and I cannot wait to get started. To find out more about the committee, please visit my website: www.

Kilroy has been responsible; One Paseo will be great I believe that One Paseo presents an excellent opportunity for Carmel Valley residents to embrace smart, prospective city planning. As our community continues to grow, it makes most sense to meet local needs in a way that fosters economic growth, promotes environmental sustainability, and that brings locals together, rather than keeping families isolated in. This project will fill an important gap in Car-.

I am impressed with the level of community involvement in the design of One Paseo, and I have every confidence that as new information about any traffic or environmental impacts emerge, these considerations will be addressed in a transparent, responsible.

I would like to see this project move forward so that we can finally enjoy a community-gathering place of our own. Maureen Hennessey Carmel Valley resident. Response postings on web should require names I am writing to urge this paper to change its policy of allowing anonymous postings to its web site in response to articles posted there. I urge the paper to require each posting to be accompanied by the true name of the poster. It has been widely noted, and I believe most would agree, that there has been a marked decline of civility and reasoned debate in our society.

One of the chief facilitators of the decline in civil-. Anonymity encourages posting — it allows inflammatory or insulting language, and unsupported allegations or outright falsehoods. And a greater number of hits translates into more advertising reve-. The fear of management, of course, is that eliminating anonymity will reduce the participation, the number of hits, and consequently revenue. But, the converse can be argued — that with the elimination of anonymity there will be more participation and not less, as many who do not want to participate in the kind of corrosive dialogs allowed by anonymity, will decide to participate.

However, I urge the management of the paper to look beyond the albeit questionable and most likely minimal financial impact of changing their policy of anonymity, and look to the responsibility that a newspaper has to the public. It can be an agent promoting discord or harmony,. It can promote the truth or give a forum to demagogues and jingoists.

Elimination of anonymity, long the policy in almost all print media — requiring letters to the editor to be signed by the writer — is now growing in popularity in on-line forums. And this policy is spreading as the social values and policies catch up to the rapid changes in technology. Both the Union Tribune and the Voice of San Diego now prohibit anonymous postings on their web sites. If readers agree, please let this newspaper know. Rocky Smolin.

What rights are those? Quite simply that the Community Plan entitlements of still vacant parcels would remain in force, ensuring that the scale and character of future development in Carmel Valley would match the scale of our existing community. When the developer purchased this property, the allowed build-out was well understood. But where are the renderings of the high-rise towers?

I call on our Community Planning Group and Councilwoman Lightner — acting as mediators, not partisans — to organize a series of community forums to measure first-hand the depth and breadth of opposition to the proposed scale of this project. Then, acting as leaders, bring the developer to the table now to negotiate whatever reduction in project scope toward the originally approved build-out the majority of our community expresses.

Bob Freund Carmel Valley resident. They were coached by Chris Hughes and Travis Kiyota. Both teams and their coaches are shown in the photo above. This year, players from age will compete in divisions from tee ball to juniors. The opening day ceremony begins with a player parade and will include special guests, a ceremonial first pitch, an honor guard as well as musical tributes, including the national anthem, from local rock band, the Styrotones, which is made up of three Little League players. Players will have photos taken following the ceremony and then games will commence at 11 a.

We play games every Saturday, and Tuesday — Thursday during the week. The event will include carnival games, food, rides and jumpies, as well as live music for everyone to enjoy. Friends and neighbors are welcome as this is a community event. For more information, visit www. Carlsbad, CA gilarut. No cash value. Lessee must pay for excessive wear and tear. On approved above average credit. See Dealer for Details Whichever occurs first. Some restrictions. Torrey Pines boys soccer teams enjoy winning seasons The season has been a huge success for the Torrey Pines boys soccer program.

All three levels have experienced winning seasons while playing very attractive soccer. The freshman team has outscored all of their opponents every game and maintained one of the best defensive records in the county. There was a stretch of 9 games where they never even conceded a goal.

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After winning the Poway invitational they blasted through the Palomar League comfortably handling all of their opponents. The Junior Varsity team had an equally impressive season finishing with a record. The Palomar league gave them a platform to go undefeated and show a style of soccer that any soccer fan would love to watch. The Varsity team has had an outstanding season winning both the Santana tournament and the Southern Cal Invitational tournaments.

They started with a very difficult schedule to help them prepare for the weekly battles of the Palomar league. The players and coaches have done an excellent job of playing the game the right way while still having success. Please come out and support Torrey Pines this Friday, Feb. Replacement windows are in the budget this year.

Get the replacement windows every homeowner wants, while keeping more of your money in your pocket. For a strong window that will last, look to the company that has lasted. Restrictions apply.

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Not valid with any other offer or previous purchase. CA B License This promotion is part of the First Visit Instant Product Rewards Program, all homeowners must be present and must purchase during the initial visit to qualify. RBA is not a broker or a lender. Financing is provided by a third party lender and is not valid with other offers or on prior purchases. Minimum payments are required, but no Finance Charges will be assessed if promo balance is paid in full in 60 months, and all minimum monthly payments on account paid when due.

Financing available locally with approved credit only. Financing subject to change without notice. All rights reserved. Fibrex outperformed wood and aluminum in tests for resistance to decay, and aluminum when tested for insulating capabilities. Pick up a free walking map and restraunt menus. Complimentary Wi-Fi in our media center and free parking! Please call Toni Cieri Beautiful contemporary home with great ocean views. Spacious, SF floorplan, 4BR,4. Gorgeous, contemporary craftsman, architecturally designed and newly built in Lush, tropical gardens. Quiet street, West of I Charming single level, beautifully remodeled, on a quiet, tree line street close to the village.

Easy living year-round or as your vacation getaway to the best stretch of beach in San Diego! Louis, Mo. He married Susan Rosensweig in and they have four children and four grandsons. What makes this area special to you? Who or what inspires you? I was lucky to have three business mentors in my early career and, now, someone who is my North Star to keep me grounded. If you hosted a dinner party for eight, whom living or deceased would you invite? Please let me host What are your five favorite movies of all time? Tough one, but we like to travel and, as. Lately, the home economics classroom has been the home for people learning about the Indian culture through its food with classes taught by Carmel Valley resident Ritu Singla.

Singla had always loved teaching and used to teach children in her native India. She wanted to be a part of the San Dieguito Adult School after taking a few classes there to try different things and meet new people. Singla saw quickly that there was no Indian cooking class in the program.

Singla has only lived in the United States for nine years and has recipes from both sides of her family— her brother is even a chef. Popular Solana Beach sub shop is all in the family even daily. The brothers not only greet regulars by name upon entering the shop, but they often remember their sandwich of choice.

The success has said, is the one who dresses been so great for the Kenny the sandwiches. We just react.

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Kevin said the brothers build about sandwiches on a busy day, most between noon and 1 p. The red-headed brothers, who all live together in Del Mar, attribute their cohe-. Kevin moved to North County about a decade ago so he could train year-round for the Iron Man triathlon, and the twins sold the pharmacy and joined Kevin in San Diego only a few years ago.

The three were thrilled to have their brother,. Join aquarium naturalists for twice-daily cruises to locate gray whales on their round-trip migration from their Alaska breeding grounds to Baja California. Both are situated right next to an Einstein Bros Bagels and about a mile from the beach. Harbor Dr. Flagship - San Diego Harbor Excursion Family price includes two adults and up to three youth.

Dinner and drinks will be available all night from Zanzibar. Guests can expect to see films from men and women in Southern California, plus international surprises, including work from the winner of the best short film at the New York Surf Film Festival. Sharing the stoke, the San Diego Surf Film Festival will select one of the films for screening at its inaugural festival May See related story, page B17 The night will also showcase new work by artists Susan Wickstrand and Christine Brailsford, plus designs from the surf swimwear company, Seea. DJ Ayla from Mahfia. Saturday, Feb. In , at the age of 15, she became the youngest contestant ever to enter the International Championship at Makaha.

She won. That same year she became the first woman to ride Waimea, when she borrowed a board from the shortest guy surfing with her, paddled out and caught a couple of waves. Using the equipment of the early s, not to mention a goofy-foot in a time when most spots surfed were rights, she still managed to hold her own and gain respect for her fearless big wave riding and her ability to charge.

In August she launched the Rail Grabber, a great way to carry even the largest of boards with ease. Reserve your spot at the table. Sunday-Thursday, 11 a. Friday and Saturday. Asian Chicken Salad is a combination of free-range chicken, wild arugula, organic carrots, green onions, Mandarin orange sections, spicy roasted peanuts, bean sprouts, wontons, cilantro and spicy Thai peanut dressing.

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Zac Lennox, executive chef and general manager, noted that the restaurant — often referred to as UP — has elements similar to an open-air market, with fresh, organic food bought from local farmers. And just about everything is made from scratch. Stop at the Mix UP station for a salad such as the Raw Kale, topped with dried cranberry, tofu, toasted almonds, mandarin orange sections, pickled red onions and champagne orange vinaigrette. Down the line is Carve UP, where customers can order free-range chicken, hormone-free turkey, and the Grilled Marinated Wild Ono, soaked in cilantro-ginger.

There is also the 4 UP, a choice of any four sides. These options range from the house-made Organic Stuffing to Quinoa and Edamame.

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Vegan and glutenfree items are available. At Stir UP, guests will find braises served. Among them is the Vegetarian Curry, with carrots, zucchini, tofu and garlic simmered with ginger, onions and red peppers in a curry coconut sauce. The entrees consist of a choice of sandwiches, salad or pizza. There are also several types of cookies — the Cowgirl contains oatmeal, currents, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries -- and handmade chips. The main area has an urban warehouse feel, with recycled wood, large windows, and stamped iron chairs from the late s. Droughttolerant plants and flowers decorate some of the furniture, including a community table.

An eight-seat fire-pit table is the prominent feature on the front patio. English translations displayed above the stage. All performances at the San Diego Civic Theatre. Free lecture for ticket holders, one hour prior to each performance, sponsored by U-T San Diego. The program will last 45 minutes. He has studied piano since the age of 5 and has won numerous competitions in Northern and Southern California, and several state-level competitions.

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He is presently studying under Dr. During this past summer he attended the International Institute for Young Musicians at the University of Kansas, and was invited to Austria where he performed with the Vienna Residence Orchestra. The library is located at Townsgate Drive in Carmel Valley. For further information call See the Naruwan Taiko Drummers perform at a. Members keep back yard Koi ponds all over San Diego County.

Plenty of advice for starting your own pond. Fun for the whole family. For times and more information, visit www. The CCA Foundation invites all parents and CCA supporters to meet with teachers and administrators, learn about the programs and their needs, and make a donation to the Canyon Crest Academy Foundation for needed items. Any size donation small or large is appreciated. Admission is free. Raven Wishes Boards will be on display featuring items that are needed in the Envision day classes and Conservatories.

For those unable to attend the event, online or mail-in donations are welcome. To make a donation or to view the Raven Wish lists in advance, please visit www. A dog agility competition also will be part of the show on Saturday and Sunday. Only dogs that are participating in the show are allowed. Please do not bring pets. Highway , Solana Beach. RSVP to The experts leading the event are Chiropractor Dr. Look to these local authorities for professional guidance on daily living at delmartimes. Kevin Yaley Progressive Education: Innovative college admission counseling champions individuality, student agency.

Sue Kalish and Maryl Weightman, are co-chairing the 47th annual event, which will honor the 15 women chosen by the Auxiliary who best exemplify the selfless volunteers who donate their time or resources to help others in need. Lunch, mini-live auction and the presentation will follow at noon. Pat Brown, 10 News weather anchor, will emcee the event.

Auctioneer is Steve Hamann. Music will be provided by Bryan Verhoye. Entertainment by Chris Allen, pianist, and the San Diego Master Choral who will sing personalized songs for each honoree. Waitt Family Fund. Donations to this important transitional living program for homeless mothers and children will be matched dollar for dollar. This project will double the capacity of families helped as the need is so great.

To register or for more information, contact Pamela Lennen at or pamela. Show begins at a. Presented by the Del Mar Kiwanis Club and the San Diego Coastal Chamber of Commerce, the contest is open to the public, and over dogs are expected to bring their adult and child owners from all over San Diego County, and compete for valuable prizes. In addition to the contests, there will be lots of fun for everyone in the family. Stop by the face painting table for some festive spirit. All proceeds from the event will benefit local San Diego County nonprofit organizations: Rancho Coastal Humane Society Safehouse Program, which provides shelter for pets of domestic violence survivors; Helen Woodward Therapeutic Riding Program, which offers the fun and benefits of horse riding to people with disabilities and the Kiwanis Club of Del Mar.

Pre-sale tickets are available online at www. Produced by Westward Expos, the event takes place March For more information, visit: www. The contest will be held at Calvary Lutheran Church at 9 a. The contest is open to the public and the club encourages the community to come and view these wonderful young people as they learn about public speaking in front of a live audience.

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  • For more information on the Optimist Club, which meets every Wednesday at 7 a. She would tell me about her workouts and all the great equipment. That was before Belmont Village. Now I exercise three times a week with a licensed physical therapist, on professional equipment designed just for me. And my granddaughter?

    She wishes she could join my gym! Work at Home Business Expo at DM Fairgrounds March The Work at Home Business WaHB Expo is returning to San Diego for the second straight year, featuring a wider range of business model opportunities and offering participants expert advice on the ins and outs of starting and running their own home-based business. Active duty military with ID and children under 12 receive free admission. RCFE Lic. The aquarium will mark Year 20 with an admission discount for local residents and plans for a new exhibit exploring the deep-ocean.

    Birch has been a major San Diego attraction during its 20 years at Expedition Way. Visitor surveys and interactions suggest the favorite aquarium exhibits are the Kelp Forest, the.

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    All this new technology will help us do that. Attendance: ,plus annually, 40,plus students. Embellished with fine detail throughout, our beautifully crafted homes present dramatic architectural flourishes, including cozy fireplaces and superbly-appointed kitchens. Sales Center: Girard Ave. Select cases of rosacea and spider veins are treated with a patented, painless laser.

    We understand that these tough economic times are hard for our patients. Come in today for your free consultation. For a map, please call Solana Beach oices. The event will include lunch, champagne, author talk and a book signing. Reservations are required. Contact Kristy at kkielborn delmarcountryclub. Check in is at a. The sale will be held from 10 a. Instilling self confidence in young girls is the goal of the American Girl Fashion Show, now in its fifth year in San Diego. Jacobs Qualcomm Hall on Saturday, March 10, at 2 p.

    Historical and contemporary fashions for girls and their dolls are on display each year during the clever and colorful American Girl Fashion Show in San Diego and various cities across the U. The Fashion Show will feature young girls in historical clothing, from daywear to sleepwear to special occasion clothing that resembles what the popular American Girl characters might have worn. The local girls were chosen from a series of auditions held earlier this year.

    The Irwin M. Emeritus at Carmel Valley is a senior living community offering a full continuum of care including assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing. If you have a loved one who requires a little extra care such as dressing, bathing and medication management, Emeritus at Carmel Valley is committed to helping you and your family find the right fit. European design is varied, and when done correctly, transforms ordinary into timeless design that is appreciated for years.

    In Spain, design is characterized by warm color palettes, and prints that create a hacienda style. English interiors are full of florals, light colors and have a feminine feel. Italians base their style on earthy color tones and textures with rustic finishes. Linen with monochromatic Earth tones or vintage-distressed leather combined with the rich wood tones are ideal to carry out a rustic ambiance throughout your interior. Amighini started in Verona, Italy, in. The business has expanded to include home accessories and pieces that are reminiscent of the European way of life.

    richard smykowski astrology Richard smykowski astrology
    richard smykowski astrology Richard smykowski astrology
    richard smykowski astrology Richard smykowski astrology
    richard smykowski astrology Richard smykowski astrology
    richard smykowski astrology Richard smykowski astrology
    richard smykowski astrology Richard smykowski astrology

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