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The duchy of Milan was conquered and Ludovico, imprisoned; and Spanish rule came temporarily to the Kingdom of Naples. The transformation came quickly.

How Do Astrology and Magic Work?

As Milan was converted into a powerful holding of the French and then the Spanish, its arts and sciences diminished without a native dynasty to bolster them. Though the Sforza dynasty came to an end, astrology in Milan did not. Ice Cream Dream by Dustin M. Review: Cloning Wild Life by Car Subscribe Get future issues or buy back issues. Empire in Waves by Tim Paulson.

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The Middle Ages by Curtis Runstedler. People MAKE this happen click to see who. All rights reserved. Yeah, I have a strong web presence which can be a little misleading because there are people that are out there that are doing For somebody who is just starting out, and thinks that astrology is a nifty little past time that they want to try to get into, what do you say?

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That's fine. But the first question you want to ask is what do you want to get into, modern or traditional or even vedic. There's no more astrology than there is cooking - there's only different schools. I'm pretty adamant with my students about the philosophy, it's something called their world view. World view is not just your conscious philosophy but its also your unconcsious views of reality - it IS your reality. With world view, we assume there's only one reality and that's our reality and how could there be anything else.

So the idea that people in the past thought differently than us, well they were just wrong. If you have a world view where magic is possible suddenly magic becomes possible. It's important that if you're going to practice Renaissance astrology or any spiritual art or discipline, if your doing it with your philosophy or reality that there is no spiritual realm which is the way most people think these days, its doomed to failure. And that's kind of the canker at the heart of this New Age spirituality and certainly Modern Astrology.

It's that if you ask them how it works they can't tell you, or they'll say it's like gravity or sun spots or something which it's not. It's inherently non-sensical. Since we do live in a very atheistic materialist society and people want empirical evidence that something works, do you have any particular chart that stands out in your mind that lends evidence to the fact that horary astrology does work?

You can't prove something that's impossible. It's scientifically impossible to prove astrology, because in science there is no spiritual realm, so there's no point in proving something that's impossible - so all that evidence would have to be rejected. There's no point in even having a discussion about it. Unless someone is willing to say, "Yeah the spiritual realm exists" - but to say to someone who's a staunch atheistic materialist whether it's conscious or unconscious "Well I can prove astrology" it's like they have to reject it, because they know that no matter what you say they have to say no, it can't work because right from the get go it's impossible.

And they say that for extraordinary claims you have to have extraordinary proof. For something to suffice to prove that it's a scientific theorom wouldn't be enough for astrology because astrology is impossible.

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Renaissance astrology review

How many charts do you think you've done in the 13 years that you've been practicing? Horary, I'm probably getting up around 3, questions. Natal, maybe five, six or seven hundred - maybe closer to six hundred. And it's funny because I get people who will argue with me and they've done maybe five charts, or they've done their own natal chart, or they read a book on horary - and I'm only now starting to get good at it. I think it takes about charts to start to get good at it. The other thing too is that there's a big difference between trying to take a look at your own chart and taking a look at somebody else', because in order to ask a question you need to be emotionally removed from it.

Frivolous questions, or questions just out of curiousity don't work very well either. So you need to be emotionally involved to ask the question, but you have to be clinically objective to answer it. And unless you're doing it professionally, it's hard to get the experience that you need to really get good at it.

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    renaissance astrology review Renaissance astrology review
    renaissance astrology review Renaissance astrology review
    renaissance astrology review Renaissance astrology review
    renaissance astrology review Renaissance astrology review
    renaissance astrology review Renaissance astrology review
    renaissance astrology review Renaissance astrology review

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