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We can turn it into a triumph rather than a tragedy. In other words, now is a good time to start preparing for some challenging times as we adjust to a very necessary change. As Uranus enters the second sign of the zodiac, we find the rebel planet dressed now as a warrior princess, a Valkyrie, embodying every archetype of revolutionary femininity that comes to mind.

Uranus moves into Taurus: Radical Change in Food and Money

Because Taurus is ruled by Venus, we will be spending this entire transit re-evaluating the issues Venus herself governs: finances, abundance, beauty, and earthliness, all through a feminine lens. And, this time around, we can add queer, trans, and non-binary folks to the list of people who will be demanding equal access to resources like land and money.

Speaking of land, our relationship with the earth is due to shift in a big way, too. Taurus is among the earth sign fam and is intimately tied in with the agrarian rhythms of human life. Uranus being housed there is going to demand that we pay more attention to our relationship with the green world that surrounds us. On a small scale, Uranus in Taurus might look like finally starting a garden even if it is just a planter box!

While we will almost inevitably be experiencing restriction Saturn and Pluto are both retrograde in Capricorn, after all , this very restriction may be what saves the natural world. Look for things like plastic bans, water allotments, fuel economy requirements on vehicles, higher taxes on items that are dangerous to the environment.

Oct/Nov 12222

Uranus in Taurus represents huge changes in how we comprehend wealth, love, and abundance. It is all about reminding us that everyone who is here has a right to be here, and an inherent claim to beauty, comfort, and joy. It is time to seriously question systems that suggests that worldly gain is correlated with moral goodness. Let us move forward into the next seven years fully expecting the creation of a truly equitable world, one that includes, but is not limited to, concrete changes such as earning caps for CEOs, a universal living wage, and health care for everyone.

Uranus in Taurus cannot do it all on its own—it can provide the fuel but not the fire. We will all have to work toward this goal of abundance and financial security for all.

Mars in Taurus: The 'Dozer's Blade

Reevaluate your possessions. All of them. Get all Marie Kondo about it. Give away or destroy items that are holding you back spiritually, especially expensive items that you do not use. We go out to eat in the nicest places, or I cook. We have seats at elegant fundraiser dinner parties and go into NYC to hear the Philharmonic. I am gardening more, and recently found myself taking a soil sample for the first time in my life.

I practice yoga and feel comfortable in my body for the first time in my life. We play bridge. I am getting my piano tuned, taking art lessons, and am ready to join a choir again.

Astrology Daily Forecast - Gemini & Taurus Dec. 11, 09 Mercury Minute

I still have to watch my neck in yoga, but now, with a new pillow, my cervical spine neck is completely relaxed and I am sleeping better. Or perhaps this is just a result of the intensification of the Taurean energy at this moment in time.


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It seems to me, though, that as the clouds have parted, I am connecting more deeply with my Taurus Ascendant and living a far richer, soulful life as a result. She has recently started a blog at offtheplumbtree. Commenters: set up your photo on gravatar. I enjoyed this so much, Kate, as Taurus is a big part of my chart. I do love my sofa. Dear Kate Thanks very much for your portrait of Taurus rising!

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As a Taurean Ascendant myself a year behind you I do appreciate it. Taurus is so comfortable with the supporting role, that it is difficult to step out of that default position. Like cj, I found the reference to Isabelle Pagan sweetly nostalgic. Love Lana. Uranus has already dipped into Taurus from May 15, November 6, , and during that time Dewayne Johnson, a groundskeeper, won a lawsuit against the big agricultural company Monsanto, because of evidence that their ubiquitous weed-killer, Roundup, was carcinogenic and gave him cancer.

Monsanto has been under fire in recent years for their use of GMOs which are engineered to be grown with the help of this specific weed-killer and therefore the crops are dependent on it , and this may just be the beginning of some massive changes that will go on in this industry. Also, perhaps lab grown meat, may take on a greater role in our culture.

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Taurus rules money as well, so we may be seeing an upheaval in financial systems in the next 7 years. Perhaps cryptocurrencies will continue to rise, and countries will either abandon or reinstate the gold standard. China is beginning to rise as a major economic power.

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They are currently leading the world on infrastructure development to ensure future trade. Does this affect you? If you are a Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio or Leo, this will affect you. Uranus will spend 7 years passing through Taurus and it will aspect your Sun at some point.

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Use this to find out: How To Use Astro. If this DOES affect you, what should you do about it? Uranus in Taurus is bound to bring upsets. Issues around security, both financial and relational, may be at the forefront of this 7-year transit. A Uranus transit can also bring restlessness and a desire for change, along with the tendency to break out of boxes you may feel stuck in.

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Mountain astrologer taurus

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