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I have been facing very bad life since birth, but your readings have given me new hope for better future Thank you very. Very fast and very accurate a to z horoscope by clickastro. Thanks appreciate. This one site helped me to know more about myself. It is accurate and supplies a wealth of information. Thanks to team. I find the predictions in the free horoscope are good and accurate. The structure of information provided in the report i. Predictions are correct and guidance which mentioned in this also looks good. Report speaks of very eventful for the next 18 months pl.

Very informative, although I am new to my birthchart and the planets alignment on my birth, I could not understand all b. Clickastro thanks for providing rahu ketu predictions. Im happy with this report. Very good prediction. Initially I thought it was fraud.. Gave the report within 2 hrs after the payment was done. Really very indepth and every details well explained.

Keep up the good work. The Super Horoscope focuses on the main aspects of life such as wealth, education, career, family, marriage. Very clear study of planets. This is very near to all things happening in reality. It is user friendly and helpful. I will not hesitate to recommend this, to my family members or friends.

It can calculate secrecy of nature. Excellent report , reading patrika is quite amazingly correct in practice. Ordered the report from the app, there were some issues at first in delivery but resolved anyways after I contacted thei. Awesome reports. Will get back to you through the mentioned phone number. We have satisfied with clickastro free marriage matches and paid services.

I satisfied with their communications through. All the words this says about me is absolutely true. But I want to know my future and my married life in detail please. Thanks for the service. Your software is very much helpful instead of meeting the astrologer in person.

Time saving and money saving. Very informative reading. Thanks for having this available to the public. Predictions were very true regarding my personal and educational life.. Thank you for your basic reports, they are mostly accurate, will be wanting more reports in due course.

Very satisfied with the prediction s. Am able to relate to most of them. Excellent report. In-depth report, career report everything gives accurate information. I always view your postings with great interest. Thank you very much for all your help.

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Good comments on matching reports. However, some more information should have been given. Predictions are superb, but still I am confuse about my financial status in future. It was a great analysis and indepth predictions and explanations with remedies. I got the free horoscope for my mother and found few things to be as happening for her. Very Very Super. Please Details in tamil. The given report for me was true Comments made about my life is really true, I suffered many hardships in my job career, still not ok. I am greatly satisfied with my reports it gives me my overall study of my personality my progression with life the only.

Occult science realy does matter with such overall predictions done by click astro!!

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I wish their services will explore t. This website is very useful and true and I cannot believe the exactness. Very detailed report. Seems mostly accurate. Will continue to look into purchasing more reports. I only thank your servic. Detailed Analysis. You guys did your best to provide with explanation. Good Job! Almost accurate , let see about the marriage part which they predicted..

I am very happy and convinced with the detailed horoscope and wish the same for others too. I have received my in depth horoscope within couple hours and it was very extensive and quite accurate. I have done my o. Dear Sir, It is a really amazing and an Excellent issues.

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You done well. Thanking you Sir. The predictions,and analysis improves and boosted my confidence levels. Prompt service and detailed information. Though can be more present specific rather than future predictions since it say. It is really a wonderful and trustworthy report prepared by the experienced astrologers who have in depth knowledge on t.

Thank you for your guidance sir. I was surprised by the accuracy of the predictions and went for a full report. I have had Astro reports from UK astrolog. I am satisfied with the content. Every things mentioned in the horoscope are very true. What a Amazing Report.. Good work. Past period gone should be predicted so that the accuracy of the report becomes known.

Can I have my past rep. Very good, I am using this service from five years. ITshowsbrief andsimple to know our jadhagam thanks god bless to all of us. Yes everything is right about my self. Thank u so much click Astro. I just love it. Thank you. Accurate but not have money to pay to get upaya. The horoscope covers all the points of interest of your life and is very easy to understand. Your are sharing very valuable and accurate informations. Jothidam seem to be quite perfect. Waiting for the Full Horoscope Report as per Order. Basic Report is fine and quite precise.

Easy to generate a good report. If you had added amsakam also it could have been better. Very accurate and that too free of cast Thank you very much Anjali Madam. Can you please provide me report having details of special yogas in my horoscope and w. One can get atleast 50 per of the needed knowledge with the basic version,gud service. Your astrology is correct at many stage but we see some point for details we pay but link not open.

Namaskar, Grateful for the detailed insights and interpretations of the astrological signs of our children. Excellent services. I am requesting you please provide me hard copy of the horoscope. Nice job.

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I am so impressed, after long time l got such accurate astrology sight. Good Application to verify basic details and charecterstics based on the birth date. I really Love the application. I was so happy about the modern interpretations that I wasted no time buying the indepth report! My birth time is not accurate still what I found in free report seems great. I took a horoscope report clickastro. Remedies a. The detailed report and the remedies provided are very helpful. Thanks a lot. Very correct predictions.

With a lot of details.. Excellent Report, detailed, extensive, affordable, thorough. Very enlightening! I will definitely recommend. Please Go. Very easy and convenient to cast..

Thanks a ton to the site Take the service for knowing my daughters career. Very well explained. The report gives details about all minute things and is descriptive also. Accurate and understandable report. Thanks for providing the free version. I really appreciate the service provided by clickastro. The report is understandable and detailed. It is very good service But I wrote am instead of pm Can u please change it and resend to me. Iam shocked to know all facts of my life It is incredible I bow to d technology I love it when I wants to know remedies please help me.

Informative in depth. What type of Business will suitable? I want to start a Medical shop that will suitable and succes. I found details true and useful. I want to know my future after 62 years of my age please send thanks. Report is pretty good. Can understand and foresee the financial status easily. I use this service to check matching for my relatives.

It gives very quick results. I like this service. I used this service to check matching for my cousin, give accurate report. Will definitely refer to friends and family. So accurate. Thank you so much. I have used ur services many times and am. Very satisfied with the compatibility results. Will recommend to my friends. Overall good. If mentioning the time period, better to include the age also. Report was pretty good.

Can foresee the financial instability through detailed wealth report. Overall very much satisfie. Very accurate predictions. Got remedies for financial issues.. Really accurate predictions. Thanks for providing the remedies to solve my financial instability. We built up business transection with help of your support,so much thanks. Almost accurate. Reliable and worthy. Great to know about oneself through this.

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I am 78 now. Message s deleted by moderator not displayed on this page. Click here to view messages reported for abuse. Terms of use Disclaimer. Who says Sathya Sai Baba's prophesy was wrong? Even nityananda did that and now we all know about him. He was just an ordinary man who used spirituality and religion to stash huge sums money of which only a small portion has gone to help the needy. You may claim that "as he helped the needy none of these will matter". Re: not a baba by vijaya bhargava on Apr 26, PM i think u might not have spend such ample time in enriching your career rather spending time on spreading such a bad rumours like this.

Re: not a baba by ganapathi on Apr 26, PM reg rest of points. If a flower like lotus blossoms, naturally all the bees will come there to enjoy its honey. At the same there will be some frogs in the very same pond where the lotus is there doesn't kmow what is the beauty of the lotus and what the honey taste is will either not bother about it or jump over it just to damage it.

People attracted by baba like masters are honey bees and throw mus on them are like frogs. They are in different frequency. But lotus just remains peacefully even when bee takes its honey and frog jumps over it for no purpose. Re: not a baba by ganapathi on Apr 26, PM Reg point 6. There are 3 types of masters hwo attained nirvan.

No one else knows it. There are some masters who attained nithyananda and sits in place to explain about it to the seelers who comes and ask it.

There are many in India like this. If you go to them they will explain. There are very few masteres who attained nithyanada, feels that let others also achieve it and out of compassion they go all out tell the world about it so that more number of seeker get their life purpose realised and move towards it. Still they do it out of compassion. I don't know what you know about nithyanada. Refer his website for more details. Lets see how many of baba's followers accept this. We be in patients. Let He decide of course of action.

mithran namboodiripad astrologer Mithran namboodiripad astrologer
mithran namboodiripad astrologer Mithran namboodiripad astrologer
mithran namboodiripad astrologer Mithran namboodiripad astrologer
mithran namboodiripad astrologer Mithran namboodiripad astrologer
mithran namboodiripad astrologer Mithran namboodiripad astrologer

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