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Newly married couples may expect childbirth during the initial few months and then after June. However, the debilitation of the fifth lord may create some issues in pregnancy. Married life will be good for you after September, you both would cherish romantic moments together. Overall, this year is good for you except for a few months in the middle and the last of this year. According to Leo Horoscope , your love life would be challenging during a couple of months but overall will give you fine results. If you love someone, the latter half of the year is good for you. After the second half, your love life will start improving.

However, the first half will remain a little difficult for you especially the middle of the year. You will not experience stability this time. During the months of September-November, the natives of moon sign Leo will enjoy their love life to its fullest. You will also make good memories together. If you are waiting for the appropriate time to propose someone, do it now. You will get a positive response. Leo people who are already in a relationship and thinking about taking it to the next level, there are high chances of getting married to their partner since Jupiter is posited in your fifth house.

This year is good, on an average, for your love matters. Performing remedies will give you the required push on the path of progress. The remedy for your sign in is:. Wake up early in the morning i. Meditate on the red colour of the Sun with your naked eyes.

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Thereafter, take a bath and offer water to Surya Dev. This water should be offered from a vessel made of Copper. Putting a red flower and red kumkum in the water before offering will yield better results. Reciting Aditya Hridaya Stotra is beneficial and should be done after this process daily.

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Sign in New User? Sign Up. Paid Services Reports. Phone Consultation. Lal Kitab. Birth Time Rectification. AstroSage Cloud Silver. AstroSage Cloud Gold. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female. Leo Horoscope Detailed predictions for Leo Horoscope are as follows: Economic Condition for Leo Horoscope This year looks good as far as your economic health is concerned.

Health according to Leo Horoscope We know that a healthy body is essential to enjoy a happy life and it's beautiful moments. Education Horoscope for Leo According to Leo astrology predictions, students of Leo sign will get good results throughout the year. Family life as per Leo Horoscope This year, your family life may not go well. Marriage and relations as per Leo Horoscope There appear to be numerous opportunities for you and your spouse this year to spend romantic time together.

Love Affairs as per Leo Horoscope According to Leo Horoscope , your love life would be challenging during a couple of months but overall will give you fine results. Remedies for people of Leo sign for the year Performing remedies will give you the required push on the path of progress. The remedy for your sign in is: Wake up early in the morning i.

Subscribe Magazine on email:. Login Sign Up. Email address Password Forgot your password? Find positive ways to assert your independence during this transit. Give your brain a break on Friday, when your career ruler Mercury squares against Uranus, your personal planet of health and work. Stay on top of your scheduling, Libra. The Sun continues to light up your social life while he moves through your 11th house of groups, friendships, and goals. Make time to foster your relationships during this happy week.

Jupiter, your communication planet, moves direct on Sunday, allowing you to come across more clearly. Rebellious Uranus goes retrograde on Sunday, inspiring you to concentrate on internal over external changes in your life. Step into the spotlight with pride on Wednesday, when the Sun conjuncts Venus, your ruling planet. All eyes are on you during this happy transit.

Be kind to yourself and invest in your self-care routine to build yourself up. Wrestle with your inner demons and boost your ego on Thursday, when the full Moon in Aquarius opposes ruling Venus. The Moon rules your career zones and could stir up entrepreneurial emotions at a. Write your professional goals down and allow yourself to get space from.

Jupiter, your money ruler, goes direct on Sunday, helping you to create a new approach to your finances. Reach out to friends and family for advice on ways to maximize your assets, and secure your financial future. Uranus, your domestic ruler, goes retrograde on Sunday, encouraging you to live minimally. When the planet of rebellion moves in reverse, he asks you to consider your responsibility to your home and family zones.

Deepen your relationships with loved ones, and think about how you want to live until January 10, , when Uranus moves direct.


How Uranus Retrograde 12222 Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You could find yourself attracted to a coworker or a colleague on Wednesday, when the Sun conjuncts Venus, your romantic ruler. Keep an eye out for confusion at home on Friday, when chatty Mercury squares homey Uranus. Use your strategic mind to smooth out the wrinkles. Your mind is like a sponge this week, Sagittarius. Soak up all you can while the Sun uses his influence to highlight your 9th house of exploration, adventure, and belief. Jupiter, your ruling planet, moves direct in Sagittarius on Sunday, offering you blessings that increase your personal glow and confidence.

Focus your attention on the importance of internal over physical changes as of Sunday, when rebellious Uranus goes retrograde.

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Fine-tune your daily routine on Wednesday, when the Sun conjuncts Venus, your personal planet of well-being. Figure out new ways to save money and time and adjust your schedule accordingly. Mercury, your planetary ruler of career and love, picks up a regal vibe in Leo this week.

Be wary of your pride on Friday, when the messenger planet squares against a retrograde Uranus. When in doubt, hold yourself back and listen to concerns brought up at work or in your relationships. Who are you becoming, Capricorn? The Sun works to motivate your 8th house of transformation, mystery, and dramatic change this week, solidifying your latest evolution of self. Your self-love grows as the Moon waxes into Capricorn on Sunday at p. Get comfortable in your own skin while your romantic ruler, the Moon, moves through your sign, intensifying your best qualities until Monday at p.

Jupiter, your planetary ruler of inner growth and spirituality, moves direct on Sunday, helping you to reconnect with your intuition. Learn to be patient with your cash flow on Sunday, when Uranus, your personal planet of finances goes retrograde. Start saving and embrace a spirit of frugality while your cash planet moves in reverse until January 10, Step up to the plate at work on Wednesday, when the Sun conjuncts Venus, your career ruler.

Avoid giving into temptation or whipping out your credit card on Friday when Mercury, your planetary ruler of well-being, squares money-minded Uranus. Crafty Mercury moves through the regal sign of Leo all week, influencing you to push the envelope. The Sun, your personal planet of love, brightens your 7th house of partnerships, contracts, and business. Uranus, your ruling planet, goes retrograde on Sunday, helping you to work on your inner self. The Moon, your planetary ruler of health and work, waxes in Aquarius on Tuesday at a.


EST, building up your sense of independence and confidence. Make time to kick back with family on Wednesday, when the Sun conjuncts Venus, your home and family ruler. Work to resolve tensions on Thursday when the full Aquarius Moon opposes domestic Venus at a. You could be feeling torn between your need for autonomy and your responsibilities to your family. Look for a happy medium as you work to find a compromise. Work to be as clear as possible on Friday, when communication ruler Mercury squares against a retrograde Uranus.

It only takes a few weeks to build a strong habit, Pisces. Stick with what works for you this week while the Sun, your personal planet of well-being, lights up your 6th house of health, order, and service. Jupiter, your career ruler, moves direct as of Sunday, helping you to make real headway in your professional journey. Uranus, the planet of rebellion and change, goes retrograde on Sunday, encouraging us to focus on internal, rather than external changes.

As one of the most intuitive signs, you may want to keep a diary of your inner journey while Uranus moves backward until January 10, Consider how you can infuse some fun into your routine while the Sun, your health and work ruler, conjuncts charming Venus on Wednesday. Prepare to reassess your sources for inspiration on Wednesday when the full Aquarius Moon, your personal planet of creativity and romance, opposes material Venus.

Your intuition is heightened on late Thursday evening when the Moon enters Pisces at p. Listen to your inner voice while she stays there until Saturday at p. Remember to relax in your relationships on Friday when Mercury, your personal planet of love, home, and family, squares a retrograde Uranus. The energy of these planets can end up harried — avoid letting it infect you by keeping a cool head. Like what you see? February through mid-March is one giant balancing act. You do a fine job of walking romantic tightropes, but rein in your inner clown and understand that behavior — both good and bad — always has consequences.

April will find singles investing energy in unusual people. Sometimes, silk purses and sow ears are indistinguishable at first glance. The end of May brings sweetness and light all around. Tummer takes that sweetness and cranks it up on a hot grill. Lovers may be simply dazzled with their intense feelings, while those looking for love will be positively irresistible.

Between June 30th and July 14th, let freedom ring. The last weeks of summer find you feeling unusually moody. September has you looking for love in all the wrong places, and things may build to an unpleasant encounter in early October As winter kicks into high gear, so do your emotions.

Channel them towards the greater good, and leave old issues behind as you move forward. In January, heed your gut feelings about trends of the past two months. Choose teams and allies after the 6th, because events will force your hand on the 21st. You have to be ready to bring it when prep time is impossible. Impress clients with spontaneity until projects enter the next phase on February 21st, but remember that consistency is critical.

Your boss or a mentor is making sense by March 7th, so start listening. From March 21st through April 18th, you know who your friends are — and who funds you. Responsibility keeps everyone honest.

horoscope leo january 10 2020 Horoscope leo january 10 2020
horoscope leo january 10 2020 Horoscope leo january 10 2020
horoscope leo january 10 2020 Horoscope leo january 10 2020
horoscope leo january 10 2020 Horoscope leo january 10 2020
horoscope leo january 10 2020 Horoscope leo january 10 2020
horoscope leo january 10 2020 Horoscope leo january 10 2020
horoscope leo january 10 2020 Horoscope leo january 10 2020

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