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Your Free Daily Horoscope for Monday 11th November 12222

Scorpio Oct Nov Sagittarius Nov Dec Capricorn Dec Jan Aquarius Jan Feb Pisces Feb Mar What do you show and what do you hide? Some undercover parts of your personality may emerge this Monday, November 11, as the Sun shadow dances with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio.

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Aries (March 21 to April 19)

On Tuesday, November 12, at a. Have fun! Mercury is daring you to be emotionally exposed, imperfect, and empathetic—perhaps with a romantic partner?

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  4. Get to the point, Libra. You can do it! Only you can balance both. The moon motivates you to organize, task-manage, and get ahead this weekend—avoid the holiday stress!

    Aries (March 20-April 19)

    Call in the bodyguard, Scorpio! Mercury is teaching you the ideas and values that keep you safe, financially and otherwise.

    The moon inspires you to pursue happiness, so make the weekend a memorable one. You deserve it. Happy birthday, Sagittarius! Your best thinking and communication skills return in the nick of time when Mercury joins your sign, and brilliant ideas and eloquence will charm your party guests.

    This weekend, reconnect with family and loved ones—the moon magic makes you feel you right at home.

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    Mercury's inspiring rest, relaxation, and a bit of a social sabbatical. The moon gets you curious about new ideas this weekend, so follow your intuition! Social support is all that matters, Aquarius, and Mercury's reconnecting you with your closest friends this week. Scorpio would bring passion and intensity to the relationship, and balance out some of Virgo's more introverted qualities.

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    Scorpio October 23 - November Pairing a Scorpio with a Scorpio means one thing: passion. If this can be channelled into love and positive vibes, it'll work wonders - but it's not worth thinking about if things go wrong.

    A Pisces would let Scorpio take control and feel happiest taking a back seat, whilst a Capricorn works with a Scorpio because their natural patience and understanding of dominance means Scorpio can take the lead. Sagittarius November 22 - December Sagittarius is a fun-loving, active and adventurous star sign, which paired with Aries' love of a challenge and overriding optimism is bound to equal a happy relationship.

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    Leos love freedom and adventure, and share Sagittarius's love of, well, love - whilst Aquarius have a need for creativity and love a proper conversation in the same way. Capricorn December 22 - January Capricorns are success-orientated and have a practical approach towards life, which is easily matched by a Taurus and the morals they value highly.

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    A Virgo strives to work hard and achieve a great deal, meaning a relationship with a Capricorn would be a successful one, where as Cancer can offer softer characteristics to dilute the pressure a Capricorn puts on themselves. Pisces February 19 - March Pisces is a deep, emotional and sensitive sign - which means Cancer's compassionate, protective and proactive side makes them a great pair. A Pisces will happily hand the reigns of the relationship over to a Scorpio, meaning they take the lead and wear the trousers, whilst matching a Pisces with another Pisces can create a romantic, dreamy and fulfilling relationship.

    Taurus April 20 - May

    cosmo horoscope december 12 Cosmo horoscope december 12
    cosmo horoscope december 12 Cosmo horoscope december 12
    cosmo horoscope december 12 Cosmo horoscope december 12
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    cosmo horoscope december 12 Cosmo horoscope december 12

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