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Both cities lie along the shore of Villaricca Lake, which has a stabilizing effect on the weather. The dry season also occurs during the summer, so the area will be a popular destination for eclipse observers. After its short transit of Chile, the umbral shadow crosses the Andes and enters Argentina. The small community of Peidra del Aguila lies about 20 kilometers south of the central line but still receives 1 minute 53 seconds of totality.

It also lies in one of the sunniest and driest regions along the entire path. About kilometers to the east is the point of greatest eclipse UT1. The central line duration of totality is 2 minutes 10 seconds. After finishing its kilometer track through Argentina, the umbra sweeps across kilometers of the South Atlantic with no further landfall. It reaches Earth's sunset terminator at UT1 and lifts back into space just kilometers shy of the coast of Namibia.

In the course of its 3 hour 21 minute trajectory, the umbra's track is approximately 14, kilometers long and covers 0. Central line coordinates and circumstances are presented in Table 3. Local circumstances for a number of cities in the region are found in Table 4. The Sun's altitude and azimuth, the eclipse magnitude and obscuration are all given at the instant of maximum eclipse at each location. The Solar Eclipse Circumstances Calculator: Total Solar Eclipse of December 14 is an interactive web page that can quickly calculate the local circumstances for the eclipse from any geographic location not included in Table 4.

This is the 23rd eclipse of Saros Espenak and Meeus, All eclipses in the series occur at the Moon's descending node and gamma [9] increases with each member in the family. The series is a young one that began with a small partial eclipse on Apr After 8 partial eclipses the series produced its first central eclipse in the form of a hybrid eclipse on Jul Since then, the series has produced a string of 13 total eclipses. It will continue to do so until its last central eclipse on Oct Saros will end with a series of 20 partial eclipses at high northern latitudes.

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In all, the series will produce 28 partial, 1 hybrid, and 43 total eclipses over a span of years. Complete details for the 72 eclipses in the series may be found at Saros The altitude a and azimuth A of the Sun or Moon during an eclipse depend on the time and the observer's geographic coordinates. They are calculated as follows:.

During the eclipses of , the values for GST and the geocentric Right Ascension and Declination of the Sun or the Moon at greatest eclipse are as follows:. Two web based tools that can also be used to calculate the local circumstances for all solar and lunar eclipses visible from any location.

The URLs for these tools are:. Javascript Solar Eclipse Explorer: www. Javascript Lunar Eclipse Explorer: www. A full report on eclipses during will be published in Observer's Handbook: It offers a graphically intuitive interface and contains maps, diagrams, tables, and information about every solar and lunar eclipse from BCE to CE. This period includes solar eclipses and lunar eclipses.

Much of EclipseWise. These eclipse predictions use the Jet Propulsion Lab's DE — a computer ephemeris used for calculating high precision coordinates of the Sun and Moon for thousands of years into the past and future. Information on solar and lunar eclipse photography, and tips on eclipse observing and eye safety may be found at www.

All eclipse predictions were generated on a Macintosh G4 PowerPC using algorithms developed from the Explanatory Supplement [] with additional algorithms from Meeus, Grosjean, and Vanderleen []. All calculations, diagrams, tables, and opinions presented in this paper are those of the author, and he assumes full responsibility for their accuracy. Permission is granted to reproduce the eclipse data when accompanied by a link to this page and an acknowledgment:. The use of diagrams and maps is permitted provided that they are unaltered except for re-sizing and the embedded credit line is not removed or covered.

The leap seconds keep UTC within 0. The geometry isn't exact but close enough for a Saros series to last 12 or more centuries. Chauvenet, W. Danjon, A. Espenak, F. Click for larger more detailed figure Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of January 10 The first event of the year is a penumbral lunar eclipse occurring at the lunar orbit's ascending node in Gemini.

Click for larger more detailed figure Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of June 05 The second eclipse of is another penumbral lunar eclipse occurring at the lunar orbit's descending node in Ophiuchus 2.

Click for larger more detailed figure Annular Solar Eclipse of June 21 The first solar eclipse of is annular and occurs on the June solstice. Click for larger more detailed figure Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of July 05 The third lunar eclipse of the year occurs at the Moon's descending node in Sagittarius. See all. Walk with the Penguins in Martillo Island. Re: solar eclipse tour companies. Leticia eclipse. Tracey G. Reply to: solar eclipse tour companies. Read our community guidelines. Get notified by e-mail when a reply is posted. Ask a question. El Calafate and El Chatlen travel tips please!

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See All Argentina Conversations. Top questions about Argentina. Drive all the way north to the Arctic Circle, where you will receive an official Arctic Circle certificate. The Aurora Driving Tour returns at night between am and am for the best opportunities to view the Northern Lights. At least half of the tour will be in the dark to look for the Northern Lights. Tour includes round trip private transportation from A Taste of Alaska Lodge to tour departure point.

Libra Report for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer January 10, 2020 ~ Astrology

This is an approximately 18 hour long tour. It departs the lodge at am today, returns between am the following day. The Alaska pipeline up close as seen on the Arctic Circle drive. Gordon Lamb photo. Note: those going on the Arctic Circle tour will take lunch and dinner on the road and not at the lodge. After dinner at the lodge, those staying will have your 3rd night to view the aurora and any other astronomical phenomena on our calendar. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be included for you at the lodge today.

You can choose to walk do to a nearby dog mushing outfit where, for a fee, you can learn to drive your own dog team.


Eclipses: Cosmic Turning Points - Starry Blessings Astrology

Paws for Adventure is a great place to get familiar with sled dogs up close and get a real thrill out of being in control of a team of amazing canines. Reservations should be made ahead of time but sometimes it is possible to book the same day. You can also take a short ride, one hour tour or the mushing school option all extra cost activities. Aurora during our February Alaska tour. Paul Lobert photo. One of the hiking trails on the lodge property as seen in winter. Also an optional tour to consider that has had great reviews is the Reindeer walk at Running Reindeer Ranch.

This one-of-a-kind tour will be the highlight of your trip to Alaska. There you will learn about the natural history of the forest as well as the reindeer themselves. Enjoy the frolicking and leaping reindeer as they run free through the woods. Each walk is a unique experience depending on season, trail conditions and the mood of the reindeer. After the walk, depending upon the season, you can tour their organically grown perennial and vegetable gardens and enjoy light refreshments and carry on the conversation.

This nature walk has uneven terrain so good walking shoes and weather appropriate clothing are required. The reindeer are tame but not trained so sometimes they decide to take a route not planned for. Bring your cameras and expect the unexpected! Otherwise the day is free at your disposal. During this narrated tour, you will visit the Morris Thompson Cultural Center where you will great exhibits about Interior Alaska. You will also spend some time at the University of Alaska Museum of the North with its dramatic architecture and new exhibit galleries.

Spend the afternoon at Chena soaking in the natural mineral water or visit the indoor swimming pool. You will tour the Aurora Ice Museum, which features amazing ice sculptures created by 16 time world champion ice carver Steve Brice, and his wife Heather. Within the museum, there is a two-story observation tower with a circular staircase, and various ice sculptures made by Alaska Diamond and Alaska Marble ice.

Yesterday's Solar Eclipse Was First of Six Eclipses In 12222 With 'Super Wolf Blood Moon' Up Next

You may relax at the Aurora Ice Bar and enjoy an appletini served in an ice carved martini glass not included , or warm your hands by the ice fireplace. Return to A Taste of Alaska Lodge this evening. Pick up from the lodge at 10am, return at 7pm. This evening will be our fourth and final opportunity for aurora viewing and photography. Overnight Fairbanks: B, L, D. Aurora during our November Alaska tour. Breakfast will be served early at the lodge. In late morning our van will then transport you and your luggage to the airport where you can catch your return flight home one group transfer only.

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Van transfer usually occurs after 10am. If your flight departs earlier than this, you will need to make your own transfer arrangements at extra cost. All participants must travel together. Future Travel no longer accepts actual checks due to the time to process and risk of loss through the postal system. We will need you to view, complete the Credit Card Authorization form:. The web link is:. Where it asks for a check number just put in any number. No need to attach passport.

No checks or money orders can be accepted! Please contact mweller dt. The last day to make a name change to avoid change fees is days prior to arrival. The last day to sign up for optional tours is days. The last day to join this tour is days before departure. Clients should be aware that we cannot guarantee the weather for this astronomical event or any other.

Your signature on our registration form will signify your agreement with the following terms and conditions. These are the terms and conditions applicable to the land expeditions offered by Future Travel, Inc. However, the Tour Operator, reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary as explained in this agreement.

For more information: or or email futuretravel travelleaders. There is additional cost for a single accommodation single supplement or an extra person in the room if either of these features is available. Prices may be subject to increase as described in this agreement. Dates and deposit amounts vary depending upon the trip. Failure to meet those deposit dates will result in cancellation of your reservation and loss of deposit as defined under the cancellation penalties portion of the webpage. If the Tour is sold out at the time we receive your reservation form and deposit, we will contact you and ask if you wish to be added to a waiting list.

We reserve the right to accept or decline any prospective participant for any nondiscriminatory reason in our sole discretion. All reservations must be paid in full by the date specified. Therefore, if you cancel, we will retain all of your payments as liquidated damages. If we receive notice of the change after specified date, we will not provide a refund. You are solely responsible for costs incurred by you due to missed, canceled or delayed transportation. There are NO exceptions to our cancellation policies. No changes will be allowed within 30 days of the departure date.

INSURANCE : We strongly recommend that you purchase insurance in case of trip cancellation and medical problems, as well as medical evacuation insurance to cover the cost of a private jet to return home. We will send you insurance information if you check the box on our reservation form. However, any questions about what travel insurance does or does not cover should be addressed directly to the travel insurance company.

S and Canadian residents and will provide costs associated with insuring your trip, both at time of deposit and final payment. While rare, they can occur and are beyond the control of Future Travel. When such increase is known, Future Travel will alert all participants and provide the amount and reason for the increase.

It will be required that all Tour members provide payment by the date due per communication from Future Travel. Prices are also subject to increase for currency fluctuations and the cost of supplier services. Airlines and airfares included in your trip are subject to change without notice. Please check with us for conditions applicable to your airline ticket.

Airfares are subject to price increases until you have paid in full. Even after you have paid in full, airfares are subject to supplemental price increases imposed by governments, and you hereby consent to any such price increases.

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  • 9 february 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope 9 february 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope
    9 february 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope 9 february 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope
    9 february 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope 9 february 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope
    9 february 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope 9 february 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope
    9 february 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope 9 february 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope
    9 february 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope 9 february 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope
    9 february 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope 9 february 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope

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